When & What

We have the following meeting schedules to fit the needs of our members.  

Groups are limited to 6 members.  If a group is filled we will add you to the waiting list.

You’ve been struggling for years to get your business to scale up. You’ve worked hard and you’ve dedicated yourself. But you never seen to be heard and notice among the crowd or been able to differentiate yourself from the competition. High Stakes Mastermind Groups is your ticket to being among business owners who have met, or surpassed, their goals. We know that business owners that belong to a mastermind group are 80% more likely to succeed in their business. Isn’t it time you were among them?  

Investing in Yourself

Here’s what’s true:  you’re running a full-time business on part-time hours.  Your business is your life – but it isn’t your whole life.

No other professionally facilitated mastermind group is available for so many meetings at this affordable price.  Guaranteed.

Still more:

As your Chief Focus Officer I will:

  • Coach you through development of your one page goal & accountability plan.
  • Coach you to remain accountable on goal achievement.
  • Guarantee each member has a chance to be heard.
  • Facilitate groups to challenge and discuss hard questions in a safe manner and avoid “group think”.
  • Lead with an insightful, disciplined, approach resulting in powerful solutions for you and your business.

Easy. Contact us to learn how we can help you attract, train and retain your employees.

Email: stephanie@stephanieangelo.com
Phone: (480) 646-2400

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