What Will You Do?



When people are contemplating whether to join a Mastermind group they are really balancing – even justifying, how much value it is to them.

You know we all have pressures on our schedules, and determining where to spend our time is a huge consideration. We might have financial restrictions as well. I get it – there is no shortage of people trying to “sell” you something.  When it’s something you lose out from by NOT investing – that’s golden!

If you’re thinking about joining a Mastermind group, you have to look at what’s the value you’re going to get from it. This is one thing I feel very passionate and very strongly about; in the High Stakes Mastermind™ group we help people make decisions they could be grappling with, and we help them get results from their goals.  My belief is that you never stop learning. In fact, if you’re trying to start, run or maintain a business we help you get better and stronger – faster! We hold you accountable to your goals. There’s there is no substitute for voicing your thoughts and concerns out loud and talking about the steps that you have to do accomplish in order to master your ambitions.

In the High Stakes Mastermind groups were going to ask you very strategic, pointed and sometimes difficult questions.  That’s a great exercise for you because of you can’t answer those questions to us how will you answer the same questions for your clients?

When you work with us it’s the safe place to make mistakes. It’s a place to learn and a place to grow. It’s a place to feel your way around and it’s a place to find guidance.

That way when you’re in front of your clients, whether it’s a 1 on 1 meeting, a group meeting, or something you put on paper in brochures, blogs or any other type of marketing; your message will come out clearer, stronger and more articulately than it would without the power or the Mastermind behind you.

On the pragmatic side, as your Mastermind chair you benefit from my 30 years of Human Resource experience and leadership and my 16 years of being a consultant to organizations where I led them through very, very difficult situations.

In addition, I’m an ongoing student of Karyn Greenstreet’s Success Alliance. That’s where I continue to invest my own time and money so that I can bring keener skills and expertise to you. This ensures a first-rate investment of your time and money.  It’s my commitment to you – at High Stakes Mastermind™ groups we help people master their goals.


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