This diagram represents some of the various businesses that are members of HSMmG and how they collaborate and cross-utilize each other.

First and foremost our member companies look to each other for services, expertise and hot referrals!

Members share through a private FaceBook group  where they post comments, questions, discussion, tips, videos, articles and more.

    And of course they have all the traditional ways too, including meals, coffee, wine….

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn. 

Before High Stakes Masterminds, I spent time with my business partner, employees, family, friends and few select groups, but other entrepreneurs were not part of equation. That is not until I met Stephanie Angelo. I craved how to become a better leader, how to develop achievable goals with an action plan and to develop more self and business awareness. That is the power of this group! Stephanie is a great leader and mentor, she creates an environment that fosters growth and success. My business has advanced, my skills have evolved and I have met some lifelong friends that have all helped me be MORE than I believed. Thank you Stephanie for you and this group!
Jessica Corral

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