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Who Knew? My Mother Would be Proud of Me for These Collaborations!

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At the first High Stakes Mastermind Group’s social event, a happy hour, I personally invited people I thought would be excellent members of the groups to meet some of the current members who are known for their collaborations and teamwork approach mindsets.  We had such a blast that evening so we stayed at the venue well past the ending time of the event.  But the conversations and connections were just too good to cut short.

I predicted certain invitees would really hit it off with others.  Sure enough, not only were the social connections and collaborations immediate, but right in front of me business deals were made.  I knew it!  In other words, that evening went above and beyond just the social event it was intended to be.  I mean, the instant teamwork was really inspirational!

Looking back before that event and forward from the days since then, many more such business deals have generated.  Click, click, click.  That easily.  I discovered something about myself that I even mentioned in a Tweet and Facebook update; I’m very skillful at creating collaborations and relationships that get results.

Do I feel funny about “blowing my own horn”? Nope!  Here’s why- because it benefits other people.  It’s a tremendous feeling to put two or more people together and see them both gain and achieve business and personal goals as a result.  That’s what High Stakes Masterminds is founded on.

So I created a diagram to illustrate the trend.

This diagram represents some of the various businesses that are members of HSMmG and their collaborations with each other.

Businesses that are members of HSMmG

See how our members, coming from various industries gain from the close relationships with each other?

High Stakes Mastermind groups are for masterminding. We are not a networking group. Although, of course, close trusted relationships develop.  And the members of the Mastermind groups tend to do more business with one another than anybody else they meet through a networking group. They get to know each other on a more intimate and confidential basis and so they trust one another, do business with one another, and refer one another. Not because they have to, like a BNI group, but because they choose to.

Our Physician used one of the retailer members for specialty products.  The marketer has done projects for other members.  The restaurant owner’s venues will provide locations for our events.  The relator and interior designer make for cross referrals as they are auxiliary businesses.

This contributes to people who are members of Mastermind groups growing their businesses as at a rate 15% higher than people who are not in Mastermind groups.

If you’d like to be a part of that, you need only to start with the first step of contacting me.  You can see the four possible group times, so there’s something for everyone here!

You can be part of this pretty picture – and make your mother proud too!


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The Ultimate Success Plan – Masterminding with Confidants

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Senior Lady Giving an idea to her Colleagues
Mastermind member sharing an idea to her group

The Ultimate Success Plan – Masterminding with Confidants

The journey to the top of your game, no matter what industry you’re in, can be a very lonely one, especially if you are a solopreneur or an entrepreneur. Sometimes, it will seem like nobody really understands you, from the professional challenges you face to the personal and social sacrifices that are sometimes involved with such a heavy time commitment as running your own business.

So as you climb the ladder, it’s exceptionally important to build your personal network of support and confidants.  “Confidants”.  Interesting word, right?  Webster’s Dictionary describes “confidant” as “one to whom secrets are confided”.  I can tell you from my years of Mastermind experience that one of the toughest issues that holds people back from progress is not having anyone to talk to.  And I mean really talk to.

Confidants can help you in a number of ways. People that you meet in High Stakes Mastermind groups, for example, understand what challenges you’re facing, because they’re in the same positions and know those challenges to be true. Over time relationships and trust builds, which allow for the sharing of ideas, solutions and strategies. Confidants willingly share advice with you that worked in similar situations for them.

Confidants are important for every business person, but are even more important when you’re self-employed. This is because for much of the time, you’re likely working independently, or with your staff, without the aid of a corporate headquarters. Often, this means that you have no peers to bounce ideas for solutions and strategies off of. Those you are working with are often not on the same level.

Mastermind group members are often in other lines of work, and they can become true confidants with nothing to gain from your industry secrets.

One final promise for having confidants in a Mastermind group: that it’s an especially good idea to have confidants who are as successful and trained as you are, or even more so, to discuss ideas and strategies with – and to help you discover solutions to problems unique to your business.

We know confidentiality is so important our members sign a promissory agreement. But fear not, you’ll still see the evidence of it – in their success.


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High Stakes Mastermind Groups

Integrity-a Quality Above the Crowd

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Personal Integrity
To rise above the crowd you must demonstrate personal integrity.

At a networking luncheon we were asked to go around the table and do self-introductions. As part of our opening we were supposed to pick from a list of qualities, printed on a card, and discuss which one of them applied most to us. It was a great list and hard to make a decision.

I chose “live authentically”. I told the group that the reason that quality is so important to me is living authentically, and demonstrating integrity – in what I say, and what I do, is the cornerstone of who I am, and it is also crucial to what High Stakes Mastermind groups is all about.

High Stakes Mastermind groups does not function successfully unless every member is true and honest and committed to the success of everyone in the group – not just themselves. Honesty is extremely important to everything we stand for, and in the way we conduct ourselves both within the meetings and on the outside.

I said that comment at the networking luncheon because even in that networking group there are those individuals, and in fact one in particular I’m thinking of, who do not “walk the talk”. They make a good show of it, but I have several first-hand experiences where this was disappointingly not the case of “living authentically”, being truthful and demonstrating integrity.

I had a conversation with one of the people who was with me at the luncheon table, and I asked her opinion of what I said in my self-introduction.  I wasn’t ashamed in any way of what I said, just a little concerned that maybe my comments took the others by surprise.

But she said the most wonderful thing. She said if they were taken by surprise, at all, it was probably because they were thinking, “Wow, she went there. She was honest enough to say what she was really thinking.”

That in, and of itself, is what truth, personal integrity and living authentically is all about.
Where did I get the strength to do that? I, who was so shy as a kid I’d eat my bread dry before having the guts to ask, “Please pass the butter.”? I got the strength from forming and facilitating High Stakes Mastermind groups. Even as the facilitator, and not an active participant, the power of the groups gives me that kind of strength. And it is giving that strength to its members; the stories that my members have told me from the things they have been able to achieve, the business decisions they’ve made, even the partnership’s they’ve ended because of truth, integrity, living authentically and being served by the power of the Mastermind group.

If you’re willing to do your part, it will take you to the next level – the level that you need to achieve your goals. Goal achievers rise above the crowd, and they start by demonstrating integrity.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach

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Amy Poehler Quote - business coach or mastermind

If you are thinking of hiring a business coach to help you grow your company or brand, you should be aware that a business coach is not an end-all solution. Business coaches are fantastic for many reasons, but you should know that there are limitations to the one-on-one interaction you get from a business coach. Sometimes, joining a collaborative team like a Mastermind Group can provide more benefit, like information, experience, support and accountability that you can’t get from one business coach alone.

The Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach

Business coaches do offer a wealth of benefit. This kind of relationship provides you with an expert opinion and individualized attention from a single person. They can help you overcome creative blocks and find new motivation. They can give you advice about the more technical, logistical and financial aspects of running a business. Having someone on your side, dedicated to your success helps you to improve on your strengths, work on your weaknesses and boost your confidence.

Running a business is extremely tough, especially if you’ve never done it before. Having the support of friends and family is great, but a business coach can offer a more objective perspective and help you see the reality of a situation in addition to rooting for you.

What a Business Coach Can’t Do That Mastermind Groups Can

While a business coach can be valuable to your growing business, there are limits to what you can get from an individual. One person can offer only one point of view, one opinion on a specific matter, a limited set of skills and experience as well as limited time. If they aren’t available or if you find you don’t like working with them, you’ll have to put in the time to find someone else.

Thankfully, there are Mastermind Groups.

Mastermind Groups offer an amalgam of support, accountability, education, brainstorming and information from a wide array of people. These groups aren’t classes, group coaching or networking groups. Instead, the main focuses are on:

  • Group brainstorming
  • Accountability between group members
  • Information passed from member to member, not from leader to members
  • Sharing thoughts and opinions over leads and resources

The main benefit of a Mastermind Group is that you have more than one person to help you. Everyone in the group is dedicated to the success and growth of everyone else. Instead of being told what you should do by one person, you can listen to the ideas and experiences of different people, take what you want and leave what you don’t.

Another fantastic benefit of Mastermind Groups is that, unlike a Business Coach, you have the opportunity to share your experiences and thoughts with the other people in the group. With a Business Coach, the knowledge goes in one direction. Mastermind Groups facilitate a balanced distribution of brainstorming among all members.

With a Mastermind Group, you not only get information from multiple people, but you have a whole village of people to support you and hold you accountable. It can be argued that multiple people rooting for you and helping you grow is a better system than only having one person in your corner. If you share your goals and business focuses with many people, that’s more people who will be asking you how things are going and for updates on your progress.

There is nothing wrong with hiring a Business Coach. In fact many people find them invaluable. But you may want to consider also attending some Mastermind Groups in order to increase the amount of support you are getting for your goals.



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About Stephanie | Stephanie Angelo, SPHR, SCP

Stephanie has been a Mastermind group facilitator for various professionals of a breadth of industries, from non-profits to counselors, physicians, financial planners, and college professors, and has been a member of several groups in her career. Contact her here.

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Keeping Your Mastermind Shelves Stocked with Vitamin HSMmG

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Your Vitamin HSMmG
Mastermind Group Vitamin HSMmG

As our Mastermind members and  business owners know, planning ahead and keeping a well-stocked inventory is widely important to keep a company running smoothly. But often, people can forget to maintain their own health required to be successful; that’s where your  Vitamin HSMmG comes in.

Vitamin HSMmG, or High Stakes Mastermind Group, is a group of compounds essential for keeping you and your business nutritionally sound, healthy, and thriving.

Whether you’re looking for a career that excites you or your next big promotion, a Mastermind group can help you find success faster than you could ever do it alone. This Mastermind group will supply you with 4 key nutrients:

Accountability: Each member helps each other as a peer advisor and is held accountable to honor their commitment to the group. At the same time, the group will also hold you accountable for your commitments.

Trust: Because Mastermind groups work together in an effort to succeed, members will always be there to have your back. When one succeeds, everyone succeeds.

Challenges: Members are vetted for their Mastermind intellect, skill-set, experience, and overall commitment to the group. These people have high standards for success, and they will challenge you to continue moving forward.

Empowerment: Having a helpful team there to keep you going strong is an empowering source of constant support. It’s the tool you need to make big changes!

By keeping Vitamin HSMmG on your shelves at all times, you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way!


About Stephanie | Stephanie Angelo, SPHR, SCP
Stephanie has been a Mastermind group facilitator for various professionals of a breadth of industries, from non-profits to counselors, physicians, financial planners, and college professors, and has been a member of several groups in her career. Contact her here.

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