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How Accountability Helps You Master Your Goals

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Master Your Goals


As the facilitator of High Stakes Mastermind Groups, I see lots of driven, organized people.  And they’re reaching their goals through accountability.

These people know what they are doing. These people have it together.  They are executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, trail blazers and leaders. They’re educated, and have big dreams. Often, they’ve made their dreams come true without people believing in them, and without people behind them 100%. Still, they have persevered and made it happen.

It takes guts, courage and no excuses. And the reality is, everyone needs someone, especially when they are setting new goals.

Goals have a way of falling apart when you don’t have someone to hold you accountable. When nobody is looking, you may take it easier on yourself. Nobody is watching, you think, so if you fail, it’s not a big deal.

That’s where Mastermind Groups come in.

Mastermind groups are like having your own Board of Directors. Except you’re not obligated to do what they tell you – they exist for you. That’s the truly cool part. It’s not just having one accountability partner, but many. They offer you professional relationships where the members support, empower and hold each other accountable for their actions. That is the way that members help each other to achieve their specific goals by coming up with thoughtful, useful and timely information that will add value to the lives and careers of group members.

As a member, you’re being backed by and collaborating with some of the strongest, smartest and best thinkers and leaders out there – the people in some of the top leader and executive roles available. Not only are they helping you by feeding your mind with positive energy and fuel to reach your goals, but you’re helping them, as well.  Some people think, “I have nothing to contribute.  These people are way more accomplished than I am”. Well, allow me to stop you right there.  Everyone has something of value to give, over and over again.

We’ll even empower you to contribute- because it’s the cornerstone of your own accountability.  Through accountability we help you master your goals.

Goal Achievement

Get Real About 2017

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It’s Friday afternoon of the last working day of the year. You need to get real about 2017. Where are you with your goals for the New Year?

  • Have you written them down?
  • Have you put them in a sequential order that makes sense for your business?
  • Have you set timelines that are reasonable, achievable and still aggressive?
  • Have you even thought about it?

You can’t go into 2017 with absolutely no plan whatsoever and just keeping it in your head is only a wish. A goal plan is not a plan until it’s written down. This morning I started my own accountabilities and I know exactly what I’m going to be doing on Monday morning, January 2nd – the first business day of the New Year.

How about you? You with me? If not, and if you need some help let me know let’s talk about it.  We’ll keep you grounded and will keep you accountable.  We’re all about helping people master their goals.

Goal Achievement

Improve Your Masterminding Made Simple: It’s about seeing the bigger picture.

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Don’t you agree; people have an interesting habit?  Maybe it comes from ego or their sense of self-esteem but they feel like they have to do everything themselves and that not doing everything by themselves as a sign of weakness. But the contrary is really the truth.  Strong people know how to ask for help. They know how, when and where to seek help and know that it’s a sign of strength to recognize your own limitations. Really we cannot do everything all by ourselves.  Somethings gonna give.  It’s called resourcefulness.  We call it Masterminding.

That’s where masterminding comes in.  It’s the collaboration of like-minded individuals.  It’s also the collaboration of non-likeminded individuals.  You don’t want to get too homogenized or stagnant.  You want people with a breadth of expertise and experience. That’s how we build our businesses and not just do the business.

The really interesting thing is that sometimes we are so close to our own situation that we don’t see what’s right in front of us.  We miss really important and valuable pieces of information as a result.  For example, in one of my groups an individual was talking about trying to keep in contact with a potential client that she’s trying to secure and she wants to come up with interesting newsfeeds and magazine articles to send him for periodic “touches”.   One thing she had completely missed was the fact that her targeted company now has a new subsidiary.  While she knew this new subsidiary was just launched, she had completely forgotten the value of saying something about it to this potential client.  Another member had to mention it as a “Why don’t you write to him about their new subsidiary…?”

Masterminding is so powerful because other people who are not so close to your situation see the things that are seemingly obvious but yet to those of us that are deeply rooted in a situation often don’t see for ourselves. It’s about seeing the bigger picture. Wouldn’t you like to have several more sets of eyes? Wouldn’t you like to have several more brains adding their powerful thoughts to your business?

To improve your mastermind time even more here are a few tips:

  • Prior to the meeting prepare shorts notes of what to ask your group members what you need from them.
  • Think about the current issues in your business or goals timeline. Choose just the most salient points you need addressed.
  • Prepare a couple questions around those points.
  • Open your mind to seeing the bigger picture.
  • Listen and take notes.

You’re thinking of building your business, and you’re planning for next year.  How you will achieve your business goals for 2017?  Think about the strategies in play and the approach you need in order to make your goals for 2017 a reality.   Our members don’t just make resolutions – they take action to make realities.