Goal Achievement

The Key to Setting New Year’s Business and Personal Goals

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Something happens when you define and persist with the right strategy. You can feel empowered and highly motivated toward achieving set goals. However, this challenging process requires a very persistent approach, especially in such a fast-moving world where complexity and distractions are increasingly common.

That is to say; there are distinct factors which can decide success or failure when it comes to your business or personal goals. In many ways, this is also one of the reasons we decided to create a mastermind group in Phoenix as we fully realize there is no room for unrealistic expectations or vague direction when it comes to goals.

Anyway, here are some of the most important factors to consider when setting New Year’s business and personal goals:

Important Factors for Setting New Year’s Goals

Setting Clear Objectives

As mentioned above, you need a solid objective for your goals. Without a clear strategy in place, there is no blueprint from which to build the foundations of your business.

For example, HighStakes Masterminds Groups seek to empower entrepreneurs and accelerate growth for new businesses. In this sense, our mastermind groups in Phoenix are an ideal starting point from which to define a concise objective which is practical, clear, and realistic. That being said, this is also true in the context of personal goals, for you need a solid objective to work toward.

Brainstorming and Advice

Brainstorming is the fastest and most practical way to create a solution of any kind. Furthermore, these sessions are often a creative spark for new ideas or ways to enhance an existing product or service. For this reason, our mastermind group in Phoenix provides the perfect platform for such discussions which can also provide clear direction during the decision making process.

Learning from experienced, wise or influential characters is also a great way to accelerate toward personal goals. Simply put, there is no substitute for first-hand experience, and you can gain this valuable knowledge through listening to advice.

Creating a Tribe

Tim Ferriss is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the online world. However, when the bestselling author wrote an article entitled “1,000 True Fans” back in 2008, he provided some incredible insight into the power of having a tribe mentality.

In short, this viral article outlined how finance is not the key to making a living as a photographer, designer, musician or an entrepreneur of any kind. On the contrary, this powerful article makes a convincing case that one thousand “True Fans” is enough to succeed in business. In many ways, this also shows how a positive attitude can also be the difference between success and failure in terms of personal goals.

  1. This is also another reason our mastermind group in Phoenix is useful to new businesses and entrepreneurs – we want to be a part of your tribe.

Networking with the “Right” people

When it comes to scaling a business, networking is crucial. After all, the growth of any concept requires a diverse set of skills and this is even more important as an exciting idea transitions to a business model.

Simply put, networking is the most effective way to cultivate the relationships which are often necessary to take you closer to set goals as the business continues to grow. That being said, not everyone has time to network in person and for this reason, we also decided to offer a virtual group option so that members can participate from anywhere, at any time.

Again, networking is also a great way to aspire toward personal goals, for if you surround yourself with the right people, you are more likely to feel confident regarding achieving set goals.

Accountability and Support

Often, the best advice is not what a person wants to hear. At the same time, this is usually a turning point in which corrections can be made to get goals back on course.

As for new businesses and solopreneurs, mastermind groups are a source of support for like-minded people. When you need some honest assessment, these groups encourage accountability, and when faced with challenging situations, the group is a reliable support.

As you should see, each of the above factors is equally important when it comes to setting New Year’s business and personal goals. Either way, have a prosperous new year and remember, the right strategy requires clear definition and relentless persistence.

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Goal Achievement

Improve Your Masterminding Made Simple: It’s about seeing the bigger picture.

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Don’t you agree; people have an interesting habit?  Maybe it comes from ego or their sense of self-esteem but they feel like they have to do everything themselves and that not doing everything by themselves as a sign of weakness. But the contrary is really the truth.  Strong people know how to ask for help. They know how, when and where to seek help and know that it’s a sign of strength to recognize your own limitations. Really we cannot do everything all by ourselves.  Somethings gonna give.  It’s called resourcefulness.  We call it Masterminding.

That’s where masterminding comes in.  It’s the collaboration of like-minded individuals.  It’s also the collaboration of non-likeminded individuals.  You don’t want to get too homogenized or stagnant.  You want people with a breadth of expertise and experience. That’s how we build our businesses and not just do the business.

The really interesting thing is that sometimes we are so close to our own situation that we don’t see what’s right in front of us.  We miss really important and valuable pieces of information as a result.  For example, in one of my groups an individual was talking about trying to keep in contact with a potential client that she’s trying to secure and she wants to come up with interesting newsfeeds and magazine articles to send him for periodic “touches”.   One thing she had completely missed was the fact that her targeted company now has a new subsidiary.  While she knew this new subsidiary was just launched, she had completely forgotten the value of saying something about it to this potential client.  Another member had to mention it as a “Why don’t you write to him about their new subsidiary…?”

Masterminding is so powerful because other people who are not so close to your situation see the things that are seemingly obvious but yet to those of us that are deeply rooted in a situation often don’t see for ourselves. It’s about seeing the bigger picture. Wouldn’t you like to have several more sets of eyes? Wouldn’t you like to have several more brains adding their powerful thoughts to your business?

To improve your mastermind time even more here are a few tips:

  • Prior to the meeting prepare shorts notes of what to ask your group members what you need from them.
  • Think about the current issues in your business or goals timeline. Choose just the most salient points you need addressed.
  • Prepare a couple questions around those points.
  • Open your mind to seeing the bigger picture.
  • Listen and take notes.

You’re thinking of building your business, and you’re planning for next year.  How you will achieve your business goals for 2017?  Think about the strategies in play and the approach you need in order to make your goals for 2017 a reality.   Our members don’t just make resolutions – they take action to make realities.