Naked and Unafraid- The Benefits of Being Vulnerable in Your Mastermind Group

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You are thinking of joining, a High-Stakes Mastermind Group for several reasons. Maybe you’re a business owner who wants to bounce ideas off of other professionals. Perhaps you want to be able to associate with others who experience the same professional, personal and social challenges and sacrifices that you do in your field. Or maybe you are looking to build your personal network of support and confidants.  Whatever your reason, you should do one thing once you’ve joined the group. You should be completely honest and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Why would you want to show your true self, with all of your challenges and weaknesses to other people? Won’t they stop respecting you so much? The answer is no. You want to be completely honest and vulnerable with your fellow members, and especially your Mastermind group facilitator, because that is the only way that they can help you diagnose any issues and help you improve to become the very best person and professional that you can be. This is the safe place to be emotionally naked.

Think about it – if they don’t know what the problem is, how can they give the advice that you’ve joined the group for?

Remember each member is in the same position.  You may feel like they’re holding your emotional cards – but you’re holding theirs as well.

In the blog by William Butler, The Benefits of Being Vulnerable he writes:

Risking vulnerability allows you to be, or have:

  • deeper degree of honesty
  • greater degree of transparency
  • higher level of understanding
  • deeper relationships
  • honestly yourself
  • less defensive
  • less lonely than that of isolation
  • more accountable
  • more courageous
  • more sensitive and tenderhearted
  • truly human


There’s something extremely freeing about being vulnerable and releasing the weight of your most stressful business decisions, confusing questions, and untried ideas. It humanizes all of us to let down our guards and be…well, human.

What may look like the weakest form of humanness is actually what takes the most strength – vulnerability.

In her TED Talk Brené Brown said, “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”

Your time is precious. Clearly, you’ve joined a Mastermind group to get something out of it. Get the most out of it by allowing yourself to be vulnerable – emotionally naked and unafraid. That’s how you can help others to help you.



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HSMmG™ – The Right Elements…Make the Best Ingredients

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#4  Dec. 16, 2015 by Stephanie Angelo, Chief Focus Officer

periodic table

Have you ever eaten at a traditional German restaurant in Germany, and then eaten at a traditional German restaurant in the U.S. and noticed the food just isn’t the same?  Or have you eaten New York Pizza in New York, and then New York style pizza somewhere else in the U.S. and your taste buds just didn’t have the same experience?  That’s because all ingredients are not created equal.  There truly is something different within the very elements that make up the individual ingredients.

The same is true of Mastermind Groups.  Whether you belong to a business mastermind group or a group that is based on a book club, a cause or anything else, how you go about your group brainstorming is dependent on the people you have in your group.  Is it a collaborative group of friends chosen somewhat at random?  Is it a number of individuals from the same workplace but in different functional areas?  Are you all from the same industry?  Is there a selective application process, like the one used in High Stakes Mastermind Groups™?

Whether you are the facilitator forming a mastermind group or someone who is thinking of joining one, give careful thought to the element of individual members.  Think to yourself what you want your end result to be.  What are your goals?  Will these people get you where you want to go?  Will you have the energy to help them achieve their goals in return?

Some tips to bear in mind:

  1. What background (personal and professional) do the potential members possess individually?
  2. Are there members of the group who can draw upon past experience to offer you something new?
  3. Are there any that seem to be talking heads that will undermine the process of everyone having a chance in the hot-seat?
  4. Are any individuals simply there for the social aspect, who prefer chatting more about personal issues than participating in a brainstorming group?
  5. Do some individuals balk at the idea of being held accountable?

If you truly are ready to be a part of something better, faster, and stronger than a networking or leads group then you will take the time to research what you’re getting yourself into.  In High Stakes Masterminds ingredient HSMmG, we believe in the strength of intimacy and trust that grows and sustains when members can rely on the consistency of the group.  Isn’t it time you had the best ingredient in your life?