Hear Stephanie being interviewed by Matt Brauning on his podcast Speaking of Getting Booked

Stephanie and three HSMmG members were interviewed on Business RadioX!

1. PhxBizRadioX full interview.mp3 (50 min)

1-4 minute Clips

2. Take the Silo out of the Solo.mp3
3. What’s A Mastermind Group_.mp3
4. What’s My Logo and What Does It Mean_.mp3
5. What’s Vision and Mission_.mp3
6. Why 6 People.mp3
7. Meeting Prep.mp3
8. Jessica’s Why.mp3
9. Jessica’s Promise.mp3
10. How To Reach Me.mp3
11. Format of Our Groups.mp3
12. Dala DIF.mp3
13. Coach vs. MM Group.mp3
14. A Few Good Men.mp3
15. Best Candidates.mp3

See Stephanie’s Demo Reel