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You’re probably asking yourself, “What does a Mastermind facilitator have to do with domestic abuse?  Why a book and game?”
Before my career re-invention, this is the work that I did.  It means a lot and helped many.  S.A.

Serrated - a True Story of Survival, Recovery and the Pursuit of Justice

Her father died of an overdose when she was two. Unable to cope with the loss, her mother turned to drugs and alcohol, leaving Tracy in the care of grandparents. Nothing in Tracy's life was easy or normal. Homeless as a teenager, she became a stripper to support herself. When Frank sweeps her off her feet she can finally have the life she'd been aching for. She didn't know about his controlling and abusive personality. What happens to Tracy then is so horrifying that your urge to set down the book, and catch your breath, will be overcome by your need to read what happens next. Tracy cuts to the chase in this true crime memoir. She's honest and straight-forward as only a woman who has survived this kind of trauma can be. Please note: the only official vendor of this book on Amazon is: Stephanie Angelo  

OUTrage™: A Game to Recognize and Change Abusive Behaviors

No one deserves to be abused.  Many people, however, do not understand how subtle emotional-psychological abuse can be.  By the time victims are hit, many of them may, ironically, already believe they deserve it.

Emotional-psychological abuse almost always precedes physical abuse; however one does not have to be physically harmed to experience a lifetime of abusive manipulation and control.

Friends and family are not always aware of the tactics of abuse, and hence may fall unwittingly into a position that supports the abuser.

This game is designed to be played by 5 people or teams.  It can be used in offender treatment groups, domestic abuse shelters, individual or family counseling settings.  It teaches professional staff to the way abusers and victims behave.

Most victims only share the “tip of the iceberg” with friends, family and coworkers.  This game experientially portrays the underlying realities that cause victims to be so circumspect.

Learn more about the dynamics of intimate partner/domestic abuse and violence in a way that is safe, challenging and, dare we say, fun!

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