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“I recently had the opportunity to work with Stephanie during my recent career transition. Stephanie was top notch. She listened, was authentic, flexible, and helped me understand what I needed to do and how to put the plan into action. I have no doubt she always had my best interests in mind. She helped me better understand my strengths as an executive, how to differentiate myself from others, and how to highlight my competitive advantages. Stephanie is personable, genuine, a great coach and motivator. Our interview practice sessions and resume building and review process has helped me immensely. Stephanie is a true professional. But most important, she is a people person and knows how to get the best out of you. Thank you Stephanie!”
Corbett Howard
Vice President Travel & Vacation Industry
“I made a career change a year and a half ago and decided to start my own business in real estate. I had the vision and knew the direction I wanted my career to go in, but didn't know how to make all the pieces fit together. I met with Stephanie and joined her High Stakes Mastermind Group. What a step in the right direction! The Mastermind Group has really been an asset in my business growth. Within the group, I share my ideas, get incredible feedback and strategies I wouldn't have thought of on my own. Also, Stephanie has great leadership skills that keeps each of us accountable and makes sure we are living up to our own expectations. By joining Stephanie's Mastermind Group, I believe it has been a huge part in propelling my business to the next level. The knowledge I have gained from Stephanie and this group is irreplaceable.” 
Jennifer Nielson
“I've tried several Mastermind groups. Not until I joined Stephanie Angelo and High Stakes Mastermind Groups did I find what I was looking for. Accountability, feedback, idea generation, and goals. These are areas where I was getting stuck. With Stephanie's guidance and my group's help, I realized the power of what Masterminds can offer, and I'm getting unstuck -- more focused to be precise. Stephanie's approach is simple, direct, and workable. She asks insightful questions, offers follow-ups and reminders, and helps me keep me on track! If you're looking for a Mastermind, invest in yourself and see what Stephanie and High Stakes Mastermind Groups can do for you.”
Roger Wolkoff
All About Authenticity
“This is what the group has done for me (after the first meeting).  I thoughtfully created my success timeline and already began to execute activities towards meeting those goals. The group has already helped me to get off my butt – for that I am grateful.”  
Dr. Judith Ziol
Physician, Journey Naturopathic Medicine
"What I like most about being a member of HSMmG is the accountability, nice members with similar interests to improve their businesses and lives. Stephanie has helped me to set goals.  She is inquisitive, thoughtful and persistent so that members stay accountable to themselves." 
Valerie Marbach
"If you're looking for honest feedback, someone to help you refine your business ideas, and share insights and leads, then look no more! I've been a part of Stephanie's mastermind group and am very impressed with what I've been able to accomplish in a relatively short timeframe. I attribute my success thus far to Stephanie's secret sauce... her means and methods. She is calculated and hand crafts her guidance for each individual in our intimate and elite group of minds. I'm not just another hot seat but rather a business person who she genuinely wants to see succeed and grow."  
Dala Al-Fuwaires
Designer, Principal FJI.Design
“’You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ – Jim Rohn. Before Mastermind, I spent time with my business partner, employees, family, friends and few select groups, but other entrepreneurs were not part of equation. That is not until I met Stephanie Angelo. I craved how to become a better leader, how to develop achievable goals with an action plan and to develop more self and business awareness. That is the power of this group! Stephanie is a great leader and mentor, she creates an environment that fosters growth and success. My business has advanced, my skills have evolved and I have met some lifelong friends that have all helped me be MORE that I believed. Thank you Stephanie for you and this group!” 
Jessica Corral
“My professional career is finally on track! As a young professional in High Stakes Mastermind Groups, Stephanie Angelo has guided me and held me accountable for the ambitious goals I have set. I feel fortunate to have met Stephanie so early in my career. Through strategic planning done in High Stakes Mastermind Groups I left my job and with the careful guidance from Stephanie I have set goals and acted to position myself as the professional I want to be. With these goals set, and the group's support, I am confident I have uncapped growth potential. Stephanie has shown me the importance of setting goals, but more importantly the steps in-between to get there. I am appreciative for her experience, persistence and professionalism in this journey.” 
Sarah Wacha
“When I came to Stephanie, inquiring about her High Stakes Mastermind groups, I was pretty sure it wasn’t for me. I was so wrong! Stephanie has a knack for keeping me motivated, accountable and spurs creativity that drives me forward in building my business when it would be easy to stall out. She builds her groups strategically and with respect to the others already committed. I feel safe and valued. And grateful! She’s a pro!”
Lindy Rosenson
Speaker Manager

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