Meet Stephanie

The cool thing of about mastermind groups is that everyone gets time to bring forward their personal challenges, decisions and situations.

The intent of these groups is to add value to every moment and every interaction you have while you’re a member.

As your Chief Focus Officer I will:

  • Coach you through development of your one page business/accountability plan.
  • Hold you accountable on goal achievement.
  • Guarantee each member has a chance to be heard.
  • Invite leadership coaches, various experts and consultants to provide educational seminars.
  • Connect members to  outside contacts and leads that would be beneficial.

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“Stephanie has a lot of energy, is enthusiastic and plans well. She doesn’t ‘shoot from the hip’, her thoughts are organized in a way that helps people catch on quickly.” C. Ritz

Stephanie attended a networking function that included an ice-breaker activity.  Teams of two were to ask each-other what they love about their work.  Stephanie’s “interviewer” caught Stephanie’s answer on video.  Look what happened!

A little biographical information…

Stephanie is a Mastermind group leader for enterprising people in a range of industries, from recruiters and marketers, physicians, wealth advisors, and commercial interior designers.  She helps entrepreneurs and solopreneurs grow and build their own businesses, increase sales, revenue and market share.

She has a unique knack for connecting people and creating collaborative relationships that result in measurable growth.  She’s sought out for mastermind group membership so people, and their business, can benefit from her skills.

She is innovative and creates teams that make more money, blow away the competition and have better businesses as a result.

Stephanie has been a management expert for over 30 years and is experienced in dealing with people and their challenges including individuals who are dealing with crisis. She’s experienced in managing group dynamics, individual coaching and is skilled in diffusing emotional conflict and looking for consensus.

She knows a lot about goal achievement and takes that skill to her Masterminds.  In 2014 she co-created the first-ever board game to address domestic violence – OUTrage™ – A Game to Recognize and Change Abusive Behavior.  Stephanie co-wrote the true crime memoir Serrated. She has won several awards for her work.

Stephanie is an eSpeakers Certified Virtual Presenter, a member of Society for Human Resource Management and National Speakers Association. Stephanie is also a speaker for Vistage Worldwide.  To have her speak at your event or organization click here.   She was named a Finalist in the Best Entrepreneur – Service Businesses – Up to 100 Employees category for the 2011 Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

She has dual US and EU citizenships and is able to travel and work world

For fun she likes to do just about anything that allows her to be outdoors.  She used to fly single engine aircraft.  But hiking and bike riding is much more affordable!

Stephanie is an active member of these organizations:

Why Do I Do It?  A Message From Stephanie

You’ve heard the song “What’s Love Got to Do with It” recorded by Tina Turner right?

Well, I’ll tell you love has A LOT to do with it.  I love what I do.  Very simply, when members of my High Stakes Mastermind™ Groups succeed – when they achieve, and even surpass their goals, I succeed too.

Call it living vicariously if you want to.  It doesn’t matter to me.  What matters is that every member of  HSMmG triumphs over fear, insecurities, financial barriers, technical difficulties or whatever is in the way – or around the corner from their professional growth and development.

Thinking about it keeps me up at night.  Ask my family.  But I’d rather have it be ME that’s up at night developing strategies, resources, field trips and high-level discussions so that you are a success, than for you to stare at the ceiling one more second than you have to.

I believe I’m on this earth to help others.  Why would you care about that?  Because my drive to help you can’t be manufactured.  It’s a completely organic element that you need to make your business a success.  I know this because NO business succeeds in a completely isolated vacuum.   The only thing that you’ll find in a vacuum is dust.  OK, maybe the occasional button, and your dog’s chew toy that’s been missing since 1982.
But you get my point.

I love what I do – I help people master their goals.

Pawfessors Max and Kamille.  In charge of Sleep Studies.

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