Questions we get asked - a lot!

Typically, at least an hour. It’s important to me that I understand you, who you are, what your business is, what your values are, and what your goals are. I like to get to know you and build a rapport.
Sometimes a prospective member doesn’t really know their goals, in fact, it can be OK too, because working on your goals together is a large part of how I can help you grow your business and how you will succeed as a member of High Stakes Mastermind Groups.
Once you have made the commitment to be a member the two of us spend even more time together to help develop your goal plan.

No. I’m a grown up and I’m a business person. I understand that people make choices for a variety of reasons. Having said that I would appreciate an open and honest conversation with you on why you chose to go with someone else so that I could learn from it for the benefit of future clients.

Yes. If it would be helpful for you that I have a conversation with your spouse, I’m happy to do that. It’s important for you to understand, though, that my mastermind groups are made of strong independent individuals who run their own businesses and they are in the position to make their own financial decisions. It’s rare to have someone who cannot make independent monetary choices. The exception could be someone who co-owns their business with their spouse.

My perfect client is an ambitious individual who is dedicated to growing their business and doesn’t mind being held accountable in order to do so. They are willing to work with other people and to be a team. They are willing to listen to me me for guidance, inspiration, and assistance. They are willing to listen to group members for their insights and experience.  They understand that being “heard” doesn’t necessarily equal  agreement. 

They say what they mean and mean what they say. I want my members to feel, and know, I am doing everything I can to support them; and they are getting much more value in working with me then they would as a member of any other mastermind group. I want them to know that what I provide is different and I want them to feel like they’re getting so much benefit for their money that they would be willing to pay more and refer other entrepreneurs they know to be members.

Yes and No. Yes, you can come for the first 10 minutes or so of a meeting, to have a brief introduction with the members. However, because all members sign confidentiality agreements, we do not allow visitors to remain for the duration of the meeting.
Occasionally I offer a free mastermind meeting so that people could get a little taste of what being in a mastermind is like. If you would be interested in participating in one please let me know and I can tell you when the next one is scheduled.

Not necessarily. Because we typically operate in an “evergreen” format where some people may start at times differently from other people’s start dates, groups can vary anywhere from as few as one to the maximum of six. There are no guarantees about group size. We find groups to be tremendously robust and progressive no matter what the size.
Napoleon Hill said, “A mastermind is the coordination of knowledge and effort, in the spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Membership is for a fiscal year.  Since groups meet every three weeks that means 17 meetings in your fiscal year.  At the end of that time members graduate.  We don’t offer renewals to the same group.  Members may be able to level-up to another group. 

Yes, I do. Referrals are the greatest form of compliment and I appreciate them very much.
If an existing member makes a referral to another individual, or individuals, who become(s) a member, then the existing member gets $200 off, per referral, on their next renewal, when they graduate and want to level up.
Non-members who make referrals are also rewarded when their referral joins.

Full payment in advance. If paying in full is not feasible the annual membership can be divided into two payments. Let me know if you want to discuss the details.

Groups max at 6 people. They can launch with a minimum of two. This is another reason for paying in full – it holds your spot. There are usually people in a group with different fiscal years.  We also have our Level One members and Elite Members.

Groups max at 6 people. They can launch with a minimum of two. This is another reason for paying in full – it holds your spot. There are usually people in a group with different fiscal years.

If you miss a meeting you can talk with me about what you missed.  There are no refunds for missed meetings.
I’m extremely proud to say my members never miss. They never want to! They feel emotionally committed and gain too much value to miss a minute.
Some meetings are rescheduled altogether if the date falls on an occasion that’s not doable i.e. a holiday.

No. You can expect to do the business development tasks that you need to do anyway to grow and improve your business and meet your goals. All of your “homework assignments” are things that you need to do anyway. The point is that they are the right things; not things that will waste your time and your money.
We are here to help you solve your problems not create new ones.
In addition to the mastermind groups we have optional seminars and other learning opportunities to help you build your arsenal of business tools.

Everything you’re doing comes from your own goal plan and the ideas generated during meetings that are suggested for your business development. If dedicating time to your own accountability and business growth seems like too much for you, you might want to re-think having your own business.

Contact me!  Being in a mastermind can feel like a big commitment and that’s OK.  It’s important to have answers to all of your questions.  If you truly have inertia than maybe it’s not right for you at this time.  However, if you want to level-up personally and professionally being in a mastermind has been proven to be the best investment a person can make in themselves!

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