Meeting Format

“The most powerful way to empower someone is to show them their own highest value.”  Sally Hogshead

Your success starts with one-to-one consulting with Stephanie and the development of your business/personal plan.
Clarifying your goals is the number one way you’re ensured you have direction and accountability.
You will be helped every step of the way.

The question to ask yourself is, “Am I committed to my own goal achievement?”  If the answer is yes, you need to be in a Mastermind group!  All the smartest people are!

Meetings generally follow this format:

  • Round-robin “focus seat”
  • Challenges/Success/Issues/etc.
  • Goals for the upcoming month
  • Masterminding/Brainstorming input from the group – round-robin
  • Sharing Resources
  • Preparing for what’s next – always moving forward.

Stephanie follows-up with every member with to ensure accountability and progress moves continuously forward. She is highly skillful at creating collaborative relationships that get results.

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"Stephanie is reflective, clear, concise and honest.  She's forthcoming and willing to share to make things better.  She's a good listener and will reflect back to the speaker by rephrasing what was said to her to ensure understanding.  She is intuitive, thoughtful, and communicative."  
Margo Brown
“My professional career is finally on track! As a young professional in High Stakes Mastermind Groups, Stephanie Angelo has guided me and held me accountable for the ambitious goals I have set. I feel fortunate to have met Stephanie so early in my career. Through strategic planning done in High Stakes Mastermind Groups I left my job and with the careful guidance from Stephanie I have set goals and acted to position myself as the professional I want to be. With these goals set, and the group's support, I am confident I have uncapped growth potential. Stephanie has shown me the importance of setting goals, but more importantly the steps in-between to get there. I am appreciative for her experience, persistence and professionalism in this journey.” 
Sarah Wacha

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