Measure Up Your Success

When I look at the tracking chart where I list all of the monthly networking groups I go to, how much time spent at each one, how much it costs to go to the monthly breakfast, or lunch, plus the annual membership fees, I measure how much money really goes out in networking group expenses. I’m not saying it isn’t money well spent.  Well at least in most cases, but not all.

I want to see how much measuring the outcome of my networking gets me in terms of new clients, new contracts and retained relationships as well.

That activity of creating my own Excel spreadsheet which calculates the dollars spent gives me the ability to also plug in the number of hours I spend at these networking groups and how many viable contacts came out of those relationships. It enables me to choose which Association I would remain with and which ones I would cancel.

There’s a saying, “what gets measured gets done” Bearing that in mind will always help you to determine the value you get from your activities and keeps you solidly on track to accomplishing goals.

High stakes Mastermind groups are 100% goal driven but there’s no way that our members can achieve their goals if they don’t even know what they’re going after. And that’s why we have them measure everything.  There are a variety of tools out there like spreadsheets, charts, even calendars.

It doesn’t really matter exactly what you use so long as you use something.  The second step is you review your tracking on a regular basis, even if it means setting automated reminders.

We have our members create whatever tracking tool(s) is/are best for them and then they also design how often they would revisit it.  Options range from every week, every day, once a month, or once a quarter. It has to be whatever is appropriate for that particular endeavor. They might have five different endeavors all being tracked using different tools and measured, or revisited, at a different frequency. This is how we guarantee that their goals are accomplished.

Below I’ll list tips for making clear and measurable goals.

I’m often asked how I guarantee success in the High Stakes Mastermind Groups and the answer is that is that I cannot make somebody be successful only they can make themselves be successful in their own goals. However we do everything possible to make sure they have every tool they could possibly need in order to be successful. When we make our measurements and we get them done.

I have also my own measurements for myself because if I’m not on track and not holding myself accountable who will be? If I’m not accountable to my own goals how can I help my members be successful?

It sounds geeky but I have three excel sheets just for tracking my own progress.

Would you benefit from being in a mastermind group that’s facilitated by somebody who’s helping you monitor and track what you’re doing? Our options are both Live and Virtual groups.

Tips for making clear and measurable goals

Write in very specific terms with ambitious, yet doable deadlines i.e.:

  • I will make 5 cold calls every week.
  • I will post on Social Media 3x per site every week day.
  • I will write two articles and have them published in six publications by December 31, 2017.
  • I will complete my online Project Management course by June 30, 2018.

Tracking systems

There are hundreds of tracking systems available. Although I can’t speak for Mac users, those of you who use Microsoft will find several built-in Excel options that you can modify.  Just open Excel and it will show you several samples.  There are more online.

I use simple Excel spreadsheets I create myself, and I set Outlook reminders.  However, others can be found in libraries, business books, from your local government SBA or SCORE organizations.

Michael Gerber, the author of the E-Myth books has books available for a breadth of professions and they include charts and tracking examples.  You can find more on his site

Look back at your own personal goals from the past year and see how many of them actually got accomplished. Then start tracking new goals using measurement tools like Excel spreadsheets, reminder systems or whatever you need. See how much you accomplish – and recognize where and how you’re spending time and money.

You’ll be amazed at what’s being measured and getting done.

Most people I know have trouble clarifying their goals and figuring out how to measure them. Contact me here for help.

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