HSMmG™ – The Right Ingredient: The People

Mastermind learning

#3 Nov. 25, 2015 by Stephanie Angelo, Chief Focus Officer

HSMmG™ is The Right Ingredient but the key is that it can’t exist in a vacuum.  It needs something incredibly essential – its members.  That’s the part that makes up the whole.

The HSMmG members are quite picky about who they let in the groups.  They keep me responsible for vetting carefully.  Prospective members have to fill out an application and answer a list of questions.  They also have to write a narrative, and essay of sorts to answer this:

Why should you be chosen for this group? How is this group a means to accomplish growth in your business? How will you satisfy the requirements to commit to this Mastermind so group members can rely on you to give to each of them as much, or more, than what you receive?  Are you willing to remain in the group if your work or personal schedule gets hectic or changes?

As the Chief Focus Officer of our groups watching allied relationships form and the chance to observe group members become each other’s colleagues and collaborators is a powerful and gratifying feeling.  I know if it’s this amazing for me it’s ten-fold for the HSMmG members.

Aren’t you ready to be a part of something better, faster, stronger than a networking or leads group?  Isn’t it time you had this ingredient in your life?

We’re fueled by creative, innovative, productive brainstorming and accountability.  The only way to rely on that is knowing you can count of your fellow members to remain committed.  And they want to, because they always get as much as they give.



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