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I just watched your strategic thinking seminar in the HR Virtual Summit and it was fantastic. Not only it can help me with work but also with personal projects as well. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.  S. Moran, HR Associate
I attended a Mastering: Strategic Thinking seminar around the 19th of July put on by SCORE Phoenix AZ. Stephanie was brilliant in the basics! There were about 10 other CEOs and Entrepreneurs in the room and everyone gained valuable knowledge about thinking strategically. For me, I loved the information taught by Stephanie regarding sustaining the competitive business advantages: with that came these thought provoking questions that really facilitated how a leader thinks and how to solve problems. For organizational growth, to create positive culture, for knowledge about strategically thinking and not being all over the place in your b2b and/or b2c....I enthusiastically recommend attending this seminar. In business....Time is $$$$! Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)!  Burnett C Sheppard, Sr.


“Your seminar on Strategic Thinking provides an entrepreneur with a precursor to strategic planning. Any planning requires a good amount of thinking. Your presentation was simply telling us how to avoid pitfalls and view any challenge from different directions and points of view, and simply set aside time to just think.” Mort Moosavy, PE, QCxP


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Our most frequently requested programs

How to Make Workplace Accountability Cooler Than Your Competitors Do

You have to be creative and innovative when it comes to affecting human behavior.  In this seminar we’ll stimulate the most effective ways of ensuring and supporting individuals’ accountability – and reveal the many measurable benefits to the company.

You’ll discover:

  • Why accountability is important
  • Positive Results of Accountability
  • The benefits to your organization
  • How to develop motivating reciprocal accountability programs

Mastering Strategic Thinking Skills for Maximum Impact in Your Organization

 Leaders, Managers and Human Resource Professionals are often confused by what is, and is not, Strategic Thinking. They may fall easily into traps and make expensive mistakes to the detriment of their company.  This session will help attendees grasp the Strategic Thinking differences that will help them have a positive impact on the organization’s bottom line and strategic goals and objectives.

Business Coach J. Glenn Ebersole said, “Strategic thinking is a process that defines the manner in which people think about, assess, view, and create the future for themselves and others. One can apply strategic thinking to arrive at decisions that can be related to your work or personal life.”

But the question is – Do you? Are you looking at the “bigger picture” of possibility when making decisions?  Are you settling for the easiest choice?  How can you maximize critical thinking skills for best results?


Leading the Pack – How a Culture of Learning Puts You Ahead

Companies need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition. A company content to stand still eventually becomes stagnant and loses market-share. You need to be skilled and informed to adapt to ever- changing environments. You need motivation and inspiration to breakthrough to the next level. You need a compass, a guidebook and directions.
In this session attendees will learn what a Culture of Learning is, why it’s of critical value to your organization, and the seven ingredients to create and sustain it.
A strong Culture of Learning equals reduced absenteeism, higher productivity, loyal and engaged employees. Your takeaway is higher performing employees, higher performing teams, and higher performing organizations.


How to Hold Your Employees Feet to the Fire Without Going Down in Flames

You’ve probably worked for somebody who was a real authoritarian. You know, the kind of manager that was a real “tough guy” or “tough gal” and they thought that’s how to get work out of you.  But it did it feel good?

These kinds of managers do not get the best out of their employees.  If you’ve been in that situation you know what I mean. If you haven’t been, consider yourself lucky!

Managers like this pay the price in lost productivity, higher turnover and many other ways that cost the organization, rather than building it up and increasing profit.  How do you get the most out of your employees, making them accountable so that they’re highly productive, yet motivated and happy? How do you hold your employees’ feet to the fire without going down in flames?


The Good, the Bad and the Funny – Communication at the Workplace™

Have you ever thought about why certain people have a way of making you feel important?  Do you ever wonder why you automatically want to tune some people out?  Or how you could get your own point across so that people would be open to listening to you? In this session we’ll unravel perceptions and knock down the barriers to communication.  We’ll get your employees talking and managers listening.  You’ll walk away with solid tools to give and receive feedback and skills to evolve into a high performing team.


Training:  How to facilitate your corporate Mastermind
“My professional career is finally on track! As a young professional in High Stakes Mastermind Groups, Stephanie Angelo has guided me and held me accountable for the ambitious goals I have set. I feel fortunate to have met Stephanie so early in my career.”  Sarah Wacha

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I just watched your strategic thinking seminar in the HR Virtual Summit and it was fantastic. Not only it can help me with work but also with personal projects as well. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.
 S. Moran, HR Associate