Have You Cooked Your Business or are You Just Getting Fluff?


Have You Cooked Your Business or are You Just Getting Fluff?

#7 Apr. 4, 2016 by Stephanie Angelo, Chief Focus Officer

Since our Mastermind groups are cooking right along we’ll stick with the theme and keep right on full steam ahead!

Having fully added our ingredient HSMmG you may be wondering what the benefits to the businesses are.  OK, even if you aren’t asking, give us a couple minutes anyway.  We’re happy to share!

Our Mastermind groups are for entrepreneurs.  We’re cut out for solopreneurs and people who are in high-profile positions with their organization.  Even if a member works internally they have an entrepreneurial mind.

Like recipes, we follow a particular peer advisory group structure that works for us including specific work on clarifying goals and steadfastly clamping our collective and collaborative teeth into each member’s goals to make sure they have ample advice, resources, assistance and support to complete each one.

Members have said that the power of the group has given them the motivation, encouragement and “chutzpah” to move forward with decisions that had been blocking the path to growth and success.

Is your group doing that for you?  We don’t believe in fluff – even if it’s as yummy as marshmallows on melted chocolate.  You want to be appreciated, challenged, energized and valued?  Then cut the empty sugars and dish up something with real substance.


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