In-House Masterminds

There are times and situations where your organization feels stuck,and struggles with communication.  An in-house mastermind which is facilitated by a non-biased individual may be the solution.  Stephanie is experienced in managing group dynamics, individual coaching and is skilled in diffusing emotional conflict and looking for consensus.

On the flip side, you might want to do something for your organization and its employees that is targeted to boost morale, goal accountability and buy-in to your organization. An in-house mastermind is one of the most successful means of telling your employees you know they are intelligent and creative individuals whose participation will enhance the vision and mission of your organization.

Demonstrate that Leadership Development is a value your organization will promote, cultivate, foster  and achieve.

We lead masterminds to amp-up your employees’ personal goals, professional goals and to focus on the company as the end-game project.

Give us a call and let us know what issues you’re facing.  We’ll explore options and ideas of how we can help.

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