Consulting 1:1 = ∞

One to One equals infinite possibilities

Would you like more out of your HSMmG experience?   Would you prefer private consulting rather than a group setting?

Stephanie’s objective is to focus completely on your development and personal growth. Through your work together you’ll dig deeper gaining connection to your work and your personal goal achievement, centering everything around successful practices to bring balance and prosperity to your life.

You’ll get feedback on tough decisions, and a trusted advisor’s “brain to pick”.  Even “solopreneurs”, those that are self employed, know they have an emotionally vested business partner and can kiss isolation goodbye.

Stephanie provides one to one coaching on:

  • Goal Clarification and Development
  • Goal Setting
  • Action Plans
  • Accountability
  • Career Transition
  • Resume writing and revision
  • Cover Letters (believe or not sometimes you still need one)
  • Filling your pipeline with job leads
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Interview Preparation

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