High Stakes Mastermind Groups

Is High Stakes Mastermind Groups right for you?

Are you a business owner? Are you sometimes (all the time?) isolated and alone? Making all the decisions by yourself? These groups are peer advisors/ like a board of directors for each of its members.

High Stakes Mastermind Groups are different from other masterminds because you are the agenda. Our format does not include curriculum. We never waste your time. You deserve to have confidants and to belong to a tribe. You will gain traction in your business and clarity in your goals for bottom line results

Register now for this free one-time “check us out” Mastermind and discover if joining us is right for you.
We will host two video conference meetings:

Thursday Nov. 14, 2019 3:00 PST/4:00 MST/5:00 CST/6:00 EST

Thursday Dec. 5, 2019 3:00 PST/4:00 MST/5:00 CST/6:00 EST

Thursday Nov. 14, 2019Thursday Dec. 5, 2019