HSMmG™ – The Right Ingredient


#1 Oct. 27, 2015  by Stephanie Angelo, Chief Focus Officer

Imagine you’re about to make a grilled cheese sandwich.  You’ve been craving it for the entire morning, just waiting to have time to make your lunch.  You get the bread, the frying pan, the butter and the – oh wait… there’s no cheese.

You like your grilled cheese to have thin sliced cheddar.  But it’s gone, although the empty wrapper is in the cheese drawer.  So you look for the next hope – American cheese slices.  The kind in the thin plastic wrap.  Even those are gone.  You roll your eyes in disappointment at the refrigerator and as they move upwards you see a can of that weird cheesy substitute stuff in a spray can.  Can this really be a thing?  You spray the cheese on your bread and spread it flat with a knife.  When the sandwich is toasted you bit into it.  You frown.  This just isn’t it.  It might be “grilled cheese’ but this is not going to get you to your hunger satisfaction goal.  It just didn’t have the right ingredient.

Whether it’s your appetite, or your business needs, you will never satisfy your hunger if you don’t have the right ingredients.  At www.StephanieAngelo.com High Stakes Mastermind Groups we will leave the cheese purchases to you – and we’ll keep you supplied in ingredient HSMmG.

Our High Stakes Mastermind Group’s purpose is to allow for deep and strategic professional advisorship for women who already have a high stakes profile and/or are in high stakes professional positions.  This closed group will act as peer advisors/board of directors for each of its members without any expectation of professional therapy or licensure.  The purpose is to combat isolation, offer support and the opportunity to talk through controlled personal relationships.  Members expect accountability, brainstorming and shared expertise.

In the HSMmG you’ll get:

Accountability Partners






If you feel HSMmG is the ingredient missing from your life contact me.  I’m easy to reach at (480) 646-2400 through the form below.  Let’s talk awhile about where you are in your business, what your role is, and how this powerful group of individuals can be the most impressive and effective part of your life.




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