COVID19 - Update: We've always had Virtual meetings as an option. We will continue to support our members during this time.

Mastermind Groups for Business Owners

Imagine what it’s like to be a business owner with a hunger for collaboration with other business owners who experience the same challenges you do.  You have a thirst for sharing knowledge, asking questions and brainstorming solutions.
When you’re at the top of your organization, no matter how many people are around you, you cannot talk about the deepest most private issues.  You’re in a silo.
We know solopreneurs and entrepreneurs often feel like they’re in a silo and need an aligned community around them to offer support, feedback and a powerful sense of belonging. 
We take the silo out of solo™

George Harrison said, on the Beatles Anthology Documentary, he felt sorry for Elvis Presley because Elvis was on his own. He had people around him, but he was still on his own. The Beatles had the four of them – they had each other.

That’s why at High Stakes Mastermind Groups we rock and roll!  We have each other!

High Stakes Mastermind Groups™ are for enterprising people who understand the power of having a team of highly-productive and accountable people around them to help them achieve their goals. We are relentlessly focused on building businesses.

High Stakes Mastermind Groups™ – we are serious about real change, real growth, real trust.  These groups are peer advisors/ like a board of directors for each of its members.  In our business masterminds we create a high-functioning, team environment.

We get a lot done – and we have fun doing it!

We exist for you –  we eliminate isolation and the feeling of being in a silo, we amplify support, and the opportunity to inspire and achieve goals through shared expertise, experience and collaboration.  We max our groups at six people.  Everyone speaks every time. That’s our promise.

Our members are:

 Respected, Trusted, Valued 

When you’re ready to be a part of something strong, and connected, with accountability partners that will advance you professionally contact Chief Focus Officer, Stephanie Angelo at (480) 646-2400 or email:

You decide: do you want “101” level from someone else – or do you want  to grow your business and stand-out above the crowd?

You will gain: 

  • Goal mastering
  • Confidential network
  • A professional community
  • Problem-solving solutions and ideas
  • Discovery of your untapped strengths
  • Achievement of  your own full potential
  • Insights from the expertise and skills of others
  • Accountability and real growth in your business

Join us, make a commitment to yourself and to the groups – and we’ll prove it to you.

“If you’re looking for honest feedback, someone to help you refine your business ideas, and share insights and leads, then look no more! I’ve been a part of Stephanie’s mastermind group and am very impressed with what I’ve been able to accomplish in a relatively short time frame. I attribute my success thus far to Stephanie’s secret sauce… her means and methods. She is calculated and hand crafts her guidance for each individual in our intimate and elite group of minds. I’m not just another hot seat but rather a business person who she genuinely wants to see succeed and grow.”
Dala Al-Fuwaires
Principal FJI.Design
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